Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wire Wrapping

         What have I been doing!!!

I am PROUD to show you my first 3 wire wrapped pendants!!

I started watching videos of different wire wrapping artists. It has always intrigued me but never thought I could do this. I was wrong. After watching about a million videos, I picked up the wire. Nobody except me knew I was going to try this type of art!! If I hated it, I could just chuck it.

                I enjoyed it very much!




I will be listing these in the next few days.
Thank You!!
Have a great day!!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

What have I been doing??

I decided to go back to making jewelry. I had bought 3 more organizers with drawers in it. I decided to dedicate 1 table to jewelry. I finally got the jewelry table the way I wanted.

I sat down and the ideas kept flowing out of my head!! Before I knew it, I had made over 100 pairs of earrings!! 
Here are a few.

Since I have been making jewelry this month, I have fallen in love with my clay again.  So expect some jewelry coming in the near future from that department.  I was talking to my friend Mary the other day about the beauty of having a room full of all the different crafts and the supplies for them all. If you wanted to paint one week and make jewelry the next week, it is all there for you!! I promise all of my crafty friends, I will not be gone so long.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shades of Purple and Green

Shades of purple,green,teal and blue. I made this painting for a young girl in our family who graduated high school!!   The second picture has varnish on it!! They just come alive when they are varnished!!  Sorry for the glare of the camera. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest pour painting!! 
                     Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

New Painting!!

Check this out. It is so much FUN!! I LOVE doing these pours!!

Believe it or not, these are pictures of the same painting!! Add a little varnish and watch them come alive! 

Top picture is a dried painting and the bottom has been varnished and is ready for sale. 

 My son, found a fish in my painting. If you look on the right side you will see a fish's mouth open and the eye right above the mouth. When I told him he was nuts, I looked and I too, could see the fish!


                         Thanks for stopping by!! 
                       Have an AWESOME day!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I found a new art form!!

I found a new art form that I just fell in LOVE with!!  Check this out!!


I have spent weeks gathering the supplies for this new art form.  Here is my first pour.

I poured the first cup of paint on a 4x6 photo blank. Because the photo blank was slippery and slick, the paint rolled off in places!! After drying, I named it, The end of the world!!

#1 The paint is still wet on this one.

        The paint is all dry and picture is trimmed.

This next photo blank, I used a block with sand paper on it to ruffin up the surface. It held the paint just fine.


#3 pour is on a 6x6" canvas with 2" sides.

I really LOVE this art form, I hope you do too! All of my canvas' will be for sale.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

SOLD 4 bunnies and chicks!!

I don't have an AWESOME project to share with you this week. I have been rearranging some of my art tables and storage. I have so much stuff.

This week I sold 3 bunnies and 1 chick from my Etsy store. These are the ones I sold.

After these sold, I pulled out some clay and started  making new bunnies and chicks for next year.  Always like have them made ahead of time!!

Working on some new art pieces. More to come next week!!  Thanks for supporting me with this blog!! I LOVE all of you!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I have been creating again!! I LOVED making this BEAUTIFUL heart wreath! It measures 7" wide and 12" long.  The heart is very shabby and is covered with pink, white and purple strips of fabrics. I wrapped the heart with 2 different size of pearls and added some pink, purple white roses!  I hope you enjoy looking at it!! It was so much fun to make!!

Thanks for stopping by! You can find this GORGEOUS Wreath in my Etsy store!