Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I found a new art form!!

I found a new art form that I just fell in LOVE with!!  Check this out!!


I have spent weeks gathering the supplies for this new art form.  Here is my first pour.

I poured the first cup of paint on a 4x6 photo blank. Because the photo blank was slippery and slick, the paint rolled off in places!! After drying, I named it, The end of the world!!

#1 The paint is still wet on this one.

        The paint is all dry and picture is trimmed.

This next photo blank, I used a block with sand paper on it to ruffin up the surface. It held the paint just fine.


#3 pour is on a 6x6" canvas with 2" sides.

I really LOVE this art form, I hope you do too! All of my canvas' will be for sale.

Thanks for stopping by!!